Are you looking for a consumer loan to realize a dream or something else?

Get money via bad credit payday lenders

Consumer loans online are private loans offered by online lending institutions.

At PaydayChampion you will find a clear overview of the best online payday loans for bad credit in the loan market.

In the overview, you can see a list of cheap consumer loans at low-interest rates.

Perhaps you wish to borrow $ 50,000 at a low-interest rate that you can spend on anything from consumer goods and travel to deposits and unforeseen expenses?

The list of loans is continuously updated with new loan institutions, interest rates, and terms, so you can always find and compare new loan deals that best suit your needs.

With Gandalf you can Compare interest rates, OPP, pay and payout times for individual consumer loans.

This gives you a good basis for finding the ideal low-interest consumer loan.

What is consumer credit?

Are consumer loans just the same: a loan for consumption.

Even though you can also take up a consumer loan at the bank, most of it is online banking institutions that are known for granting consumer loans.

On the net you can find consumer loans in the range of 100 – 500,000 kroner, depending on the individual provider.

With an online consumer loan, you should not worry about giving up your mortgage on loan when you borrow. Loan companies do not require you to provide security for the amount.

In addition, you should not explain the purpose of the loan, which mainly distinguishes consumer credit online from loans in the bank.

On the online loan market, consumer loans can be regarded as an umbrella term for all online loan options available to Danish consumers.

You have probably heard of loan types like credit loans, SMS loans, and minimum loans? These are all types of consumer loans, as they can be used to finance consumer goods and the like.

However, ordinary consumer loans on the net are often characterized as a slightly larger amount from 50,000 – 500,000, whereas the other types of loans usually involve fewer sums.

Are you looking for the cheapest and best consumer loan online, here at Gandalf we have collected a large number of the market’s most prominent and current loan solutions?

This way you can easily and efficiently find a consumer loan that can meet your requirements and borrowing needs.

How can we help you?

Due to the wide range of online consumer loans today, it can be an irreversible task to designate the best solution for you.

At Gandalf we are aware of this problem.

We have therefore developed a simple and straightforward comparison service that will make it far easier for you to find the absolute best consumer loan for your situation.

If you look through our loan summary, you will find that it contains loan information about:

  • Loan amount limit
  • Price relative to OPOP
  • Running time
  • minimum Age
  • Special advantages

By placing the loans in a clear list, you can easily find the consumer loans that best match your criteria.

Simply compare the different parameters and select the loans that are interesting to you.

As an additional option, you can filter the loan list so that you only see the loans that can meet your loan and loan requirements.

This means that you will get a tailor-made list of loans for you, which you can compare on a cross-section of the individual parameters.

Gandalf is a 100% free and non-binding service for consumers. You must therefore neither pay nor commit yourself when using Gandalf in your search for consumer loans online.

Best Consumer Loan: Overview

When you go to the online loan market, it’s a good idea to give you an overview of the best consumer loans with the most advantageous loan terms.

But it might be easier said than done. Especially due to the many loan options you are currently getting on the market.

First and foremost, you should, therefore, make your thoughts on how the best consumer loan for you is designed.

Perhaps do you consider the fastest response and payout time? Or will the best consumer loan for your needs imply repayment and flexibility?

Once you have made it clear which loan terms are best for your situation, you are better able to compare and select the best consumer loans for you.

At Gandalf, you have access to an easy and clear overview of consumer loans, from where you can find the loan solution that suits you best.

Therefore, you do not have to squander the market for Denmark’s best consumer loans – the overview just gives you the overview you need when you are looking for the right consumer loan.

Interest rates on consumer loans: How to find low-cost mortgage loans

It can be difficult to define what a low-interest rate is. The interest rate is different, depending on which consumer loan you are interested in, and thus varies from the loan provider to the loan provider.

Consumer loan providers set interest rates according to their rating of your credit rating.

If you have a good credit rating, your chances of being approved for a loan are higher, and you will also be offered low-interest loans at some loan providers.

Conversely, if you have a bad credit rating, you will find that it is harder to be approved for a loan – it will be the case if you go down to your bank.

Most online providers approve most – regardless of creditworthiness.

However, you may experience not being offered the lowest interest rate on your loan, as the loan provider believes there are greater risks of lending money to people who have a bad credit score.

Interest-free consumer loans

Many consumer loans are offered as interest-free loans if you repay the amount after 30 days.

However, if you do not have the opportunity to repay the amount within this short period, you can quickly risk the loan amount being doubled.

To get an idea of what a cheap rate means, you can use our comparison portal.

Here are many different providers of loans that are compared to each other.

We sort the different consumer loans by:

  • APR
  • interest
  • running time
  • payout

Hereby you will easily find the cheap consumer loans for you and your financial situation.

In addition, you can quickly get insight into how the interest rates lie on the loan market in Denmark at Gandalf.

High-interest rates

Online consumer loans will typically be expensive in interest rates compared to a loan at a bank branch.

This is because many online lenders do not require you to provide security or provide reasons for your loan query, with the greater risk of lending you money.

Compare consumer loans based on interest and payment

We have collected all Danish loan institutions, which offer online consumer credit and loan types such as overdraft facilities and other quick loans.

Therefore, you can easily and easily use this summary of consumer loans to compare interest rates and payout times.

How to find can find the most advantageous solution for you when you want to borrow outside of the bank.

If you need money now and here, you can sort by which loan institutions offer some of the cheapest rates and fastest payouts.

Depending on the loan institution you are using, and if you have applied for the loan within the provider’s opening hours, it is possible to receive your consumption loan the same day – often within 30-60 minutes.

Especially if you choose a minimum loan with a loan amount of 5,000 kroner, or maybe even a loan of up to 10,000 kroner, you will typically experience a fast payout period.

If you apply for a loan outside the opening hours, you will usually receive a reply as soon as possible every day after.

New consumer loans in Denmark

Today, you can choose from a wide range of new consumer loans in Denmark – especially in the online loan market.

There are always new consumer loans, which significantly increase your loan options.

With the penetration of new consumer loans, you also get far better loan terms. This is due, in part, to the intensified competition currently in force in the consumer credit market.

You will, therefore, experience splinter new benefits and better loan terms today when you apply for new consumer loans in Denmark.

New consumer loans today can include many benefits, including:

  • Interest-free periods
  • Unpaid months
  • Flexible payment arrangements

It is, therefore, a good idea to keep up to date on the latest online consumer loans so you do not miss the new loan chances – and thus the optimized loan terms.

But you do not have to do everything processed yourself.

We have collected all the latest consumer loans in Denmark in our loan overview, so you are constantly updated about the new players in the loan market.

This will allow you to find the most beneficial consumer loan for your needs.

Consumer loans: OPP is important

When comparing the cost of the individual consumer loan, you will typically look at the Consumer Loan OPP (Annual Cost Percentage).

The figure shows you the annual price of the loan when all is included. That is, the OPP includes interest, fees and all additional costs associated with the loan.

The PPP, therefore, consists of the total price of the consumer loan, as fees are included in connection with, for example, the formation, repayment, and administration of the loan.

You should always consider the OPEN when you want to find one of the cheapest loan solutions for you.

NOTE! The annual cost of the consumer loan as a percentage is most useful as a benchmark when the loan has a maturity of at least one year.

This is because consumer loans with a maturity of less than 1 year typically have a high OPP due to a high-interest rate.

However, you should be aware that the short-term and high-interest rate credit is not necessarily the most expensive solution.

In fact, you only have to pay off on the loan during the short term, so you will soon get out of the monthly benefits.

We, therefore, recommend that you use only the UOP of the consumer loan as a guideline for the total price.

Consumer loans online for what you stand and are missing

If you are looking for a consumer loan online, you will find that the loan amount is typically between 1,000 – 500,000 KR.

With a consumer loan online, you have the opportunity to buy just what you stand and are missing.

You can use the money to pay off your new car, for a nice trip, as a loan for deposits in a new apartment – or something else entirely.

It is also possible to use a larger consumer loan online as a mortgage if you are dreaming of an owner’s residence.

The application process takes place very quickly as you apply and borrow online with your NemID.

If you raise a bank loan, the bank must know what you want to spend the money on.

This can be an obstacle if you do not want to spend money on assets that can be resold.

If you are looking for loans for personal consumption, it can be difficult to convince the bank that you need is necessary for you and your financial situation.

An online consumer loan can easily be the best solution for you if you want to escape the bank’s requirements and conditions.

Consumer loan online is especially suitable for you who will avoid collecting annual accounts and telling you what you need to spend the money on your bank.

This process may appear complicated, time-consuming and less anonymous.


We recommend that you search with more loan providers if you wish to increase your loan options.

You can easily apply for consumer loans online at several loan institutions – even if you need more than 500,000 kroner.

That way, you significantly optimize your loan chances. The more applications you send, the greater your chances of being approved for a consumer loan online.

Free Consumer Loans – Are They Available?

The short answer: Yes, you can easily find free consumer credit online.

It may sound good to be true.

But today you can actually borrow completely free of charge with certain online loan providers.

Often, they offer free consumer loans in the first period as an offer to new customers.

With the vast majority of loan companies offering free consumer loans, you can borrow interest-free for the first 30 or 60 days.

The free loan period, therefore, depends on the individual loan provider.

Even though a 30-day free consumer loan may seem tempting, you should be aware that:

  • The loan will be subject to interest and fees after the free period,
  • Often you will still pay certain fees.

It is therefore not always that your free consumer loan is completely free.

However, Ferratum offers both interest and fee-free loans for 30 days, so you can actually subscribe to a free consumer loan – if you pay the loan within the cost-free period.

Consumer loan without security and documentation

One of the major advantages of taking a loan without certainty is that you can get money in the account even if you do not have the opportunity to pledge values such as house and car.

In addition, if you borrow online, you do not need to show purchase or rental agreement, for example, if you are missing a deposit for an apartment.

In the above list, you can see a list of cheap consumer loans without any security – all online loans are for no guarantee.

For example, if you want to raise a loan of $ 25,000 for a trip with your family, you can find online loans to finance this trip on Gandalf.

On the other hand, if you want to realize a big dream, this can also be done with an online consumer loan.

Especially if you suddenly are missing a consumer loan with payment on the same day, you can find them online without having to justify your desire for a loan.

Consumer loans online are also more anonymous than ordinary bank loans.

Too many people, it’s an unpleasant experience to borrow money.

Therefore, online consumer loans can be an advantage for those who want to borrow in a safe and anonymous environment.

In order to apply for loans online, it is not a requirement to speak with a bank consultant before you can be granted a loan.

The application will be processed quickly and safely online, after which it will be decided whether or not you will be approved fora loan.

Therefore, you should not agree to a personal meeting with a bank advisor before applying for a loan.

Borrowing Options: Consumer Loan, What Can I Use For?

Since the amount of a consumer loan in Denmark is relatively high, there are many different reasons for taking such a loan.

Perhaps you want to borrow 15,000 kroner for a charter holiday, new sofa to the living room or renewal of the wardrobe?

Many also take a consumer loan to collect several small loans and convert it into one major loan instead.

This can provide a better overview of the budget and can also help you to better pay off the loan on time.

Others, however, also use a consumer loan to realize a bigger dream. This may include be a new car, a trip or maybe something completely third.

If you have more dreams that you would like to realize at once, an online consumer loan is the best choice .

This is because you do not have to indicate what you exactly want to use the loan for why you can plan to spend the amount on multiple purchases.

If you would like to finance a trip to London with pocket money for shopping, this can be done.

However, always keep in mind that a consumer loan is not free.

Therefore, consider whether you can afford to repay the loan and the corresponding interest.

Advantages and disadvantages of online consumer loans


  • Fast processing time and payment.
  • No requirement for security or justification of the desire for a loan.
  • Cheaper solution compared to other loans.


  • No possibility of a physical meeting with the loan provider.
  • Risk of bad loan terms.
  • High interest rate, whose terms and conditions are not met.

Get paid on your consumer loan the same day

When you are looking for online consumer loans, you will find that the payment period is quite short .

The fast payout is one of the biggest benefits of online consumer loans.

You will therefore be able to get a consumer loan the same day you will be approved for a loan.

The possibility of payment on the same day is due to what we call for immediate clearing .

If the loan provider transfers the money immediately, you will also receive your loan on the same day .

Therefore, you will not need a long wait when you apply for online consumer loans.

As a rule, no more than 1 weekday, from the time you apply for the loan, the money is on your account.

Often we even get paid for the loan on the same day you are looking for – and many times within just 60 minutes.

The payout period, however, depends on the individual loan provider.

Therefore, you should compare the response and payout time of the different loan companies if you want the money in your account within a short period of time.

Use our loan overview to find the consumer loans you can receive on the same day you submit your application.

Take a cheap consumer loan and collect your debt

A consumer loan is much higher than both SMS loans, micro loans and credit loans.

In most cases, if you have taken up several smaller credit or SMS loans , you can save a lot of money by taking up a larger consumer loan and thus collecting your debts in one loan – also called refinancing or collateral loans .

This gives you a better overview of your private economy at the same time as you do not have to keep track of several debt items.

A consumer loan often has a lower interest rate than both SMS and credit loans.

In some cases, it may be better to borrow $ 75,000, even though your debt is less, as interest rates on SMS loans and credit loans are often about 20% -50% higher than the interest rate on consumer loans.

By collecting your loans in a larger consumer loan, you can easily save 10,000 or more each year.

Online consumer loans are available at a cheap rate of 8.99%, which is one of the lowest interest rates on the market – like there are loans of 26.9%, which are some of the most expensive online loans.

If you borrow 100,000 kroner, you pay 26,900 kroner each year if you have the most expensive loan where you pay 8,909 kroner if you have taken the cheapest.

In other words, you save 20,000 kroner each year – it is a lot of money for most people.

The maturity of the loan also depends on how expensive a loan may be.

If you have taken a loan that will only last for a few months, a higher interest rate can not make the big damage.

The best loan is a loan with a short maturity and a low interest rate .

Before you search for a random loan, it’s a good idea to determine how much and what you want to borrow money …

Online Consumer Loans – What about Customer Service?

If you want to talk to your bank, it is generally easy to arrange this. One way it can be done is to go down to the nearest bank branch. This is not an option for online loan providers.

The communication between online providers and their customers takes place in the vast majority of cases online via mail or a direct chat from their website.

However, most loan providers still have a phone number that they can be taken on if you want to talk directly with an adviser instead of over chat or mail.

In addition, online lenders, compared to most bank branches, are quicker to respond.

This may be beneficial when you need to fix a problem as soon as possible.

The opening hours of lenders online are mostly longer than at a bank branch.

This allows you to get hold of loan providers at times when bank branches are closed.

Many Danes experience every day that the banks have closed as soon as they get out of work.

It can therefore be difficult to get in touch with your bank counselor when you are on time of day. Therefore, holidays should be used to talk to the bank instead, which is not ideal.

Online borrowing companies are often also open when others have gotten the fyraften. You can thus easily and conveniently communicate with them after work.

Find consumer loans online, but keep an eye on …

We have a declared goal of creating more transparency in the consumer credit market in Denmark.

This involves communicating both the pros and cons of each loan so that you can make an informed decision.

Today, the vast majority of loan companies are trustworthy and trustworthy why you can easily apply for consumer loans online without the fear of being cheated.

The biggest risk of a loan is that you choose an expensive loan solution with poor terms and conditions.

We therefore recommend that you read your loan agreement thoroughly before signing up.

In order to prevent you from having an online consumer loan with bad terms, we help you compare all Danish loans.

However, you rarely find that Danish loan companies make bad terms to their borrower.

In Denmark, we have the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority , which is responsible for ensuring that all banks act properly.

You can therefore find cheap consumer loans and change safe loan options on the market in Denmark.

But remember! You must still be aware of the consumer loan price.

Do you end up with an expensive loan, you can end up in a situation where you no longer have financial space to trade free.

Fortunately, there are a large number of providers in Denmark that offer low-cost, low-cost consumer loans and good loan terms.

Consumer loan requirements

No banks give loans to people without asking a number of requirements for them first. The same goes for online loan providers.

However, bank branches usually make far more demands before they can approve a loan compared to online banks.

For example, almost all bank branches require a guarantee when granting loans. Especially at large amounts this is a necessity.

As mentioned, this guarantee is a kind of collateral that banks can avail of if the debtor is unable to repay the loan.

In addition, at a bank branch, you often have to state a reason for the loan.

Another requirement that bank branches as well as online banks have is the age.

Many loan providers first provide loans to people over 21 years of age.

This is due to various reasons.

One of the reasons may mean that banks in people over the age of 21 see a greater chance that the person has better control of the economy and thus has a more stable income.

However, there are certain providers who set the age limit to 18 years, so you can also borrow as a student if the need arises.

Another requirement many lenders provide is that consumers must have a certain annual income.

This may, for example, be at least NOK 190,000 per household annually. If your income is less, you will not be eligible for a loan.

Few online loan providers also require that you have a permanent job, and thereby display the latest payrolls from there .

However, there are also loan providers who provide loans to people who do not have a job and instead are on cash or unemployment benefit.

A requirement that most credit institutions have is that you must not be registered as a bad payer.

If you have joined the XYZ or Debtor Registry, it may be difficult to get a loan approved.

Requirements from online loan providers – briefly

  • Age – often you must be 21 years old.
  • Annual income per household.
  • Documentation of fixed income – with the exception of individual loan institutions.
  • Not be registered as a bad payer in XYZ.

Can I raise consumer loans despite XYZ?

Today, it is highly unlikely to be approved for a loan if you are registered as a bad payer.

Therefore, be sure to be deleted in XYZ if you are looking to borrow from an online provider.

This is because loan providers do not want to run an unnecessary risk by granting loans to bad payers.

You can be deleted from XYZ in 2 ways:

  1. Pay off the bills that are due in your registration.
  2. Wait 5 years after which your registration waives. The company that has registered you can not repay you for the same debt item after 5 years.

We therefore recommend that you follow one of these methods before applying for a loan.

How to increase your loan options significantly, as the bank here will evaluate your credit rating as much better than when you were registered as a bad payer.

If you have a doubt that a company has registered with XYZ, you can check this via .

Good advice: Make a budget before you take a consumer loan

Before you throw yourself into a loan that will be too expensive to repay, it may be a good idea to set a budget for your finances.

The budget is determined by calculating all of your income and thus deducting the expenses.

  • Revenue consists of your salary, SU, unemployment benefits or cash benefits, holiday pay and other income.
  • The expenses are rent, insurance, subscriptions on the phone and other such as payment of electricity, water and heating.
  • It’s always sensible to expect a buffer for your expenses so you’re well covered if you get unexpected expenses.

If the unpredictable expenses are relatively low, you can still pay them with the buffer you have added.

However, if your fees exceed the buffer, it may be necessary to take a loan.

Buffers can be beneficial when you experience an increase in the electricity bill or when you suddenly need more money.

If there are changes in revenue or expenses, you should add a new budget.

Therefore you should make a budget

A budget can help you maintain an overview of your financial situation.

In addition, you can use your budget to evaluate if you may spend too much money somewhere other than others.

For example, if your insurance policies are too high, consider buying better insurance policies elsewhere.

A budget can also help keep an economic overview of an extended period of time.

You should therefore set a budget that lasts over a year.

Hereby you will quickly discover if at some point you will need to spend more money than you have available.

With this, you can already find a loan with a good maturity and cheap interest in good time.

A budget can also help you figure out how much you would actually be able to repay per. a month if you raise a loan.

Consumers’ Consumers also recommend that you check your budget at least every 3 months, as your expenses typically change continuously.

Get a consumer loan in 3 easy steps

It takes only 10 minutes to complete an application and get the money in your account.

  1. Find the loan that suits your situation.
  2. Apply for the loan.
  3. Receive the money in your account.

Consumer loans or not? Get the answer here

There are many options for consumer loans today and as it gets faster and easier, there are also more who choose to take a consumer loan without thinking about it.

In order to avoid regretting your choice of consumer loan, we have identified 3 questions that you should ask yourself before you raise a loan:

  1. How urgent is the need for the money? Do you have and are missing money right now and here? And should the money be used for something that you can not in any case? If the money is to be used on luxury goods, it is usually best to save money rather than borrow.
  2. Do you have or can you get an economic buffer? It is reasonable to have an economic buffer in case of unforeseen situations. Make sure you have considered the situation and decide what you are doing in potential situations that are bad for your finances. By considering different scenarios, you will be more secure against new, unthinkable consumer loans.
  3. Have you asked your bank if they can give you a good deal for a loan? Many borrowers are not aware that banks also offer consumer loans. If possible, talk to your bank about a consumer loan – if you are good at managing your finances and being a stable customer, the bank may be open to lending you money.