Great Baby Shower Gifts: Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Review

The thing which is enjoyed by a new mom is the baby shower. Moms usually consider baby showers as a significant milestone in their life. If you know such a mom then it is recommended that you should provide a gift. It does not matter whether is your friend or sister. There are many beautiful things which you can provide to them, and the list is limitless. The gifts which people usually give include stuff like Bag Chair, High Chair, body suit, baby bandanas, Memory book and other such items.

Though you can consider the mentioned items as well, however, we would recommend you to go for something unique. As a mom you must know that babies go through a teething process. Usually babies get irritated during this process so what you can do is that you can go for Amber teething necklaces as far as shower gift is concerned. The baby will enjoy wearing it, will play with it and at the same time will relieve his or irritation by chewing it.

Amber teething necklaces: Key Facts

Some key facts about Amber teething necklaces are as follows

Usage of Amber teething necklaces like the ones at Baltic Wonder is not a new phenomenon rather it is an ancient remedy. The necklaces have been used for more than thousand years and have served as a natural cure for babies. The Amber teething necklaces are popular due to their analgesic pain reduction and properties of healing nature.

Amber is a tree resin that has been there in this word for 50 million years. The tree containing amber is said to be used for natural healing by the ancients. Today this amber is used for preparing Amber teething necklaces.

How to treat the baby with teething necklaces?

Treating the children with teething necklaces involves no rocket science. All one needs to do is to place the necklace around the baby’s neck or the ankle. The baby will chew the necklace by which the necklace will produce chemicals that will reduce the teething pain of the child. However, as a parent one needs to remain cautious as far as teething necklace is concerned. Parents should keep an eye on their child especially when he or she is wearing the necklace as serious accidents have been reported in the past.

The amber teething necklace is a perfect gift which you can present to a new mom.